PRICE MATCH  ( Best Price Guarantee )

At the discretion of we offer a limited Price Match against any cricket equipment available in our website.




Price Match Conditions :


  1. We do Price Match with selected competitors which are cricket exclusive websites and should be based and operated from the destination country ( Country of import ).
  2. They should have exact same product as well as should be the Official dealer of that particular brand authorized by Manufacturer. We will NOT Price match with other sellers who gets products NOT from Manufacturer directly. 
  3. We do NOT Price Match with products available on online market places like Amazon, EBay, Flipkart, Myntra , Best Buy, Etsy, Costco , Gumtree etc.
  4. The product for Price Match needs to be Exactly same as our website (Year, Size, weight, model etc.) and must be available with other website to purchase immediately. For example: has a bat for INR 10000 which is light weight (2.7) and other website has same model bat for INR 12000 but heavy weight (2.12). This is NOT covered under the Price match.
  5. Any products available in other websites on Pre-Order ,No Stock, Old Year Model, Clearance Sale etc are NOT covered under Price Match.
  6. No further discounts/scheme like coupon codes, Free Shipping, Return, and Exchange on Price Match product.


Note : has full right to Not do Price match on certain products due to high cost involved for us to get the product on time or any other various reasons. We have the full right and discretion on the policy.



How to avail Price Match :


  1. Send us the product link from other website.
  2. One must us the pictures of the products. Especially in case of Bat we need picture with weight showing in weighing machine. Detailed pictures of front, side and Back.
  3. If it is approved under the Price match policy we will inform it within 1-2 working days.
  4. You can communicate Price Match request to us using WhatsApp Support +917678428371 or email at
  5. Once approved you will have 48 hours to complete the order.
  6. The Price Match discount code ( if any ) cannot be clubbed with any other product what so ever.
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