FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  • How can I review about the status of my order?

You can track your order by logging into your account or simply click here


  • How long does it take for my order to reach?

In most cases we dispatch the orders within 2 to 5 working days after the receipt of complete payment. All parcels are delivered within 5 to 8 working days after placing the orders, exact time duration may vary depending upon the destination country. Its highly rare that you receive the shipments after 8 working days; In very unavoidable circumstances such as National holidays, Climatic disasters & exact specifications required by you being not stocked may delay your orders for a couple of days, in any such scenario we will keep you inform about the exact situation well in advance either directly calling you or by emailing you.


  • Is my credit card secure when I use it on your web site?

As of now we are using PAYPAL as our payment gateway for receiving payments through Credit Cards & PayPal funds. PayPal is considered to be the safest payment options available currently which uses highest levels of SSL web security to insure that your personal & financial information are always secure, when you use PayPal then your Credit Card number is not shared with us or any other entity. PayPal also provides a lot of buyer protection plans which makes your purchase and your whole experience a lot safer & secure.


  • What are the available payment options?

We only accept PayPal as of now. Buyers can either use their Credit Cards & PayPal funds to make the payments.


  • What is the difference between Billing Address and Shipping Address?

Billing Address is the address where a customer gets his bills from the credit card company. Shipping address is the address where the customer wants to receive their shipment.


  • Where are the countries that we can deliver?

OnlineStockist ships to nearly all parts of the globe. In case you don’t get shipping method available on our website for your country you may whatsapp us at +91-7678428371 or email at sales@onlinestockist.com We have extremely economical shipping rates for UK, Most EU’s, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East Asia.


  • What is your return policy?

Please refer to our RETURN POLICY section on the homepage footer menu for complete details.



  • What happens if I receive a broken or a defective item from you?

In such case, please email us on sales@onlinestockist.com immediately with your complete detail and wait for their instructions. The complaint for a broken/defective item needs to be sent within 24 hours of receipt of the merchandise.


  • How can I change the details of My Order?

You can make changes to your order till the time order is not shipped out. For this, you can contact us via emailing us to sales@onlinestockist.com , Once the order is dispatched, no changes can be made to the order.



  • What should I do if I need any gear that is not displayed on the website?

Please send an email to sales@onlinestockist.com with your request. We will try our level best to get your requirements fulfilled.


  • How do you make a refund in case an order is cancelled? How much time does this process takes?

Please refer to our cancellation policy for details.


  • If an item is out of stock, how can I find out when it will be available again?

    The quickest way to find out about our stock availability would be to give us a call on or whatsapp +91-7678428371 where one of our customer service advisers will help you.


  • My Cricket Bat has broken, what should I do?

    Cricket Bats are made from wood (Natural Material) and the bats would normally receive some artificial cracks over time and use. A very small percentage of bats sold are liable to crack under the massive stresses which take place when the ball hits the willow. This is why it is very important that you should take care when playing with your bat for the first time, you MUST ensure you have knocked in your bat, especially on the sides and on the bottom. Even if a bat is described as ready-to-play you should take care when using it in its infancy (It is usual for a cricket bat to have many minor cracks in the face.) Unfortunately we do receive bats back from customers who have mis-treated their bat, and if the manufacturer recognizes this, they will return the bat to the customer untouched. If a bat is returned to us and the manufacturer agrees there is a fault with the bat, they will then either fix or replace the damaged bat. Returns can take up to 4 weeks to repair or replace. If you do feel your bat has cracked or split and that there is a flaw with the willow please return it to the above address with a note explaining what happened. If the bat is over 2 months old, you will have little or no case for replacement.


  • What happens if I am having trouble when trying to order online?

    This is not a problem, please feel free to call us or whatsapp at +91-7678428371 where one of our highly talented Customer Service Advisors will be able to assist.


  • Will any Customs Import Duties be due?

    We cannot give exact pricing of this as it depends on the country and value/type of items you are ordering. Online Stockist accept no responsibility for any Import Duties that are due and they are payable by the customer.


  • How will I know if my order has been received?

    Once you have completed your order you will receive an email through to your chosen address usually within a few minutes of placing the order.


  • Do you offer Sponsorship?

    Unfortunately we do not offer sponsorship at this current time. It would be in your best interests to contact a manufacturer whose equipment you enjoy using and asking if they could accommodate your requirements.


  • Do Online Stockist ship to Post Office Boxes, Military Bases or Freight Forwarding Addresses?

    We do not ship to Post Office Boxes, Military Bases or Freight Forwarding Addresses

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