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OnlineStockist.com LOYALTY PROGRAM

Earn Reward Points with every order made at OnlineStockist.com and redeem those points for exciting discounts on any of your future purchases. It's free to join OS rewards by creating an account, Also earn instant joining bonus points. Click here Join Now


Account Tier :

Currently shopper's accounts are positioned under 3 tiers on our website i.e. Reward Member, Bronze and Silver. This is based on the volume of purchases made by customer in the last 365 days. below are details

  • Reward Member - This is the basic tier that is associated with shopper as soon as they open an account.
  • Bronze Member - This is achieved when your average yearly Reward Points are equal to or more then 2000 for the last 365 days. This Tier is above Reward Member.
  • Silver Member - This is achieved when your average yearly Reward Points are equal to or more then 4000 for the last 365 days. This Tier is above Bronze Member.



  • Once you add products to shopping basket Reward Points are displayed on website's Shopping Basket/Cart. These are the points you can earn if you complete the order and will be added to your website account which can be redeamed with any of your future orders within 365 days of earning them.
  • You earn points accoring to your account's Tier at any given point. We have 3 tiers as of now Reward Member, Bronze & Silver as explained above. You Earn more points with higher tier level for the same order value. Details below
    • Reward Member - for every 10 INR Rs spent you earn 1.00 Reward Point
    • Bronze Member - for every 10 INR Rs. spent you earn 1.25 Reward Point.
    • Silver Member - for every 10 INR Rs. spent you earn 1.50 Reward Point.
  • You can go to “Reward Points” option in your My Account panel to see the balance of your earned points, how much you have spent.
  • Remember that any discounts or promotions you apply at the cart will change how many loyalty points you will earn from that order. The Earned Points are calculated based on the Net Cart Value after any promotional discount is applied. Postage value is excluded from reward system.



Similar to earing rules when you redeem points you get higher conversion according to your tier level. Silver Tier members get higher conversion rate for each point spent compared to Bronze and Reward Tier members!

You can redeem points at Shopping Basket/Cart page or checkout page where you will see available points balance. Just apply them for that extra discount that you always love. Note that you need to be logged in to see available points in your account.



Always login first for reward system to seemlesly work according to your tier level. Remember that you can't earn and save your OS Reward points without an account so don't wait - sign up now. 




Terms and conditions :

  • Reward system works based on website's base currency INDIAN RUPEE ( INR ). Benefits in other currencies may vary depending upon website's exchange rates between INR and other currencies. 
  • OnlineStockist.com reserves the right at any time, without prior notice to add, delete, alter, modify, change or vary all or any Earning, Spending rules.
  • OnlineStockist.com reserves the rights to withdraw / modify the LOYALTY REWARD PROGRAM at any time without any notice thereof. In case of program withdrawal, any previously earned points and Tier level won't be restored.
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